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Welcome to my Blogshop window for Valentines goodness, appropriate to the season!
A range of short stories to novels, drama, angst, mystery, humour, and plenty of romance.
This page will be available from 20 Jan 2019 to 28 Feb 28.

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Ethan's dating history is one long catastrophe until a mis-matched date with Kel brings the hope of new love.
Clare London

For Nick and Dylan, even after such a hot date, there are plenty of twists on the road to happy ever after.
Dev Bentham

Dixon faces family disapproval when they find out he's the only one without the gift of Spellcraft.
Jordan Castillo Price
Oliver meets Derrick playing his violin in the park - but can love and magic really mix?
Jesi Lea Ryan

Ty dreads Valentine's Day until Ben walks into his gift shop, looking to shop for someone he admires from afar.
Helena Stone 

Louis has never got flowers on Valentine's day, though he'll help his customer Arnie learn the language of flowers... and possibly miss the reason why.
Sue Brown

Music teacher Joel isn't looking for new love and neither is garden businessman Marcus - until they meet each other.
Anne Barwell

The deities of Love decide to supervise Valentine's Day, and Eros takes a secret shine to a shy angel Shateiel.
Felicitas Ivey

Will David put the past behind him and move to the next level with his lover Bradley this Valentine's Day?
BJ Smyth

Michael is dreading the tacky Valentine's costumed office party - until Cupid's minions take a hand.
Angel Martinez

When Dan needs a date for a wedding event, he really wants it to be his boss Gideon, but will Gideon want to be more than the speed-dating host?
Sue Brown

Dave has plans for his first Valentine's Day with Nicholas, but it looks like everything that can go wrong, will!
Julie Bozza

Socially awkwardly Kit wonders why he keeps running into Stephan - or is it all part of Stephan's plans?
Dawn Sister

Will Bret's graysexual approach to intimacy be a barrier in his romance with Harry, or are they both just as committed to finding love?
DJ Jamison

Christian and Ben shouldn't fraternise as work colleagues, but a friendship begun on a good samaritan act grows into much more.
Susan Reeves

Eric learns not to judge Dwayne on his past mistakes and tattoos in an enemies to lovers story.
Jaime Samms

Air steward James falls for his passenger Darren and has to decide whether to pursue a new relationship back on the ground.
George Loveland 

Paul and Evan need to rekindle their love after careers and long-distance phone calls seem always to get in the way.
Kelly Jensen
Determined to protect his beloved wood, Zeke meets the developer's son Gideon who's all too difficult to resist.
Barbara Elsborg

Ish and Kabal are born years and worlds apart, but intend to make every date previous between them.
Blaine D Arden

Prince Theodorin seeks fruitlessly to escape his cursed exile until he's shown a crack in the illusion, and a chance to join his true love
Blaine D Arden

Trevor agrees to act as Clay's boyfriend for the Valentine's weekend, believing Clay is straight - until Clay isn't sure any more.
Jacki James

Sassy Westley is hired to bring biker Harold out of his dating shell, and sparks fly.
Michelle Frost

Dakota is hired to be Poe's boyfriend, until the line between professional and personal starts to blur.
Michele Notaro
Clark and Bailey meet as single dads at their children's school, but want love for themselves as well.
Sammi Cee

Reporter Granger hires the hunky Lennox for a charity kissing booth, neither of them anticipating their own attraction.
Pandora Pine

Levi is attracted to Malcolm although their date is just business - unless they can make something work when Levi's off the clock.
Ashe Winter

Carefree Oliver looks forward to being Austin's hired date and preventing the man to, as usual, kiss and run.
KM Neuhold

Cary's fake-date turns out to be his high school crush Fei, and both of them will struggle to keep it purely professional.
Crystal Lacy

{FREE} With Valentine's Day fast approaching, will Ev and Brady find the perfect way to celebrate?
Annabeth Albert
Bereaved waiter Nathan isn't ready for love again until he meets Justin, whose familiarity both intrigues and captivates him.
Jamie Lynn Miller 

For his student Baxter, Hagen is tired of being a Dom and really wants to be his Daddy instead.
Nora Phoenix
Up and coming actor Theo finds drama off camera as well as on with local lad Eddie.
Lucy Felthouse

{FREE} Just when Tommy's life seems most dreary, Nathan drops out of the sky - is he too good to be true?
Jordan Castillo Price

Shamwell Tales #1: Robert seems happy on his eccentric own, until he's bowled over by roguish Sean.
JL Merrow

Shamwell Tales #2: Charming but arrogant Tristan needs to build trust with the cautious Con, his acting student.
JL Merrow
Shamwell Tales #3: Mark is challenged by the out and proud Patrick, but they need to find a romantic compromise.
JL Merrow

David doesn't think he can be attracted to his fun new lodger Rory because David is straight... isn't he?
JL Merrow

Hairstylist Ryan hates Valentines Day - until he ends up alone with his favourite customer!
Neil Plakcy

Enjoy the gentle romance conducted in front of the commuters on the 8.50 to London Waterloo, with help from the local barista.
Sue Brown

Ewan finds Trey annoying and yet strangely familiar, as his forbidden attraction grows stronger by the day.
Lillian Francis
Steve tackles a burglar in his apartment but lands instead in the arms of LAPD officer Richard.
JP Bowie
An anthology of stories in the past, present and future, all as fascinating in their variety as love itself.
Various authors
Doctor Mark is drawn to florist Hal, but even though it's 1954, does he have to keep his intentions secret for ever?
Vivien Dean
When Rick judges his radiographer Mal on his voice alone, he nearly loses the chance to know him better.
Lillian Francis

Jerome finally meets the man he has a hopeless bus-crush on, but their budding romance needs to rise above common prejudice.
Lillian Francis
Jonathan's startled to meet a very unusual young man on the beach - and Admael insists he's there simply for Jonathan's love.
Clare London

Music star Gage is offered a memorable way to celebrate Valentines Day by Rylan.
K-Lee Klein

Sam is created as a mere companion for Max, until the two of them develop much more for themselves.
RJ Scott

{FREE} Caleb and Owen know each other well, until a late seasonal gift arrives that shows an even deeper understanding.
Clare London
Elliott's life is comfortable in his small town, but he can't resist the chance of a new experience with the exotic, uninhibited Alexsy.
Clare London

Joel may be just the man to unfreeze Cade's grieving heart.
Kaje Harper
Love god Nox must make amends for the misguided arrow that hit the human man he's got a crush on.
EJ Smyth

Ty takes his lover Ben on a trip to the Swiss Alps in the hope of soothing his family grief.
Helena Stone
Mark doesn't believe in love or romance until he meets Owen, and faces the reward of a real commitment.
K Evan Coles

Adrian and Elliot have been lovers for a year, but this Valentines Day a special question is on Adrian's lips.
Stevie Woods

Marcus asks a statue of Cupid to help him find the man of his dreams, but will the romance stay forever in his dreams?
Helen Beattie

Clay and Hunter have been inseparable for two years, but now it's time to up the ante.
NJ Nielsen

Lord Christopher Norcutt  already has a lover, so he wonders what the secret valentine in his room may mean.
Riley Shane

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